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Nai Han

Nai Han

Located at southernmost tip of Phuket Island, Nai Han is about 18 kilometres from Phuket Town. Additionally, it is in the northern part of Phromthep Cape, easily accessible within 5 minutes . Whenever Nai Han is referred, a view of peaceful beach filled with sailing yachts afloat in the sight. To revel in a great relaxation surrounded with achingly beautiful beach will be extremely good. If you really love tranquility, to visit or stay in Nai Han is absolutely suggested. In the monsoon season, waves are very strong, so it is not suitable for swimming or doing water activities. Please be cautious in any way, safety must be a priority.

Throughout Phuket, a place called Nai Han has proven to be one of nice quiet spots where gain expat’s interest. Set amongst tropical trees and lush greenery mountain, a beach stretch offers clear blue water with sunny day that make you easily melt. Its surrounding invites you to do sunbathing in the tropical sun warmth. Become more relaxed while strolling to Nai Han Lake – a place very close to it, right for having a picnic, jogging, riding bicycle, etc. After a full day of fun activities, pamper yourself from head to toe by Thai traditional massage – releasing your stress and rejuvenating your mind. A great selection of treatments in spas is arranged to serve you all day. Around Nai Han, small laid-back bars and restaurants are sparsely dotted with various types of food and drinks being at hand. If you prefer to more energetic nightlife, taking a 20-minute ride to Patong is a good choice. Also, this quiet space boasts a large number of accommodations; many hotels provide the splendid views of the beach, so check hotel location before booking. Nai Han holds its nice position that has proximity to Windmill Viewpoint − atop viewpoint presents a fabulous panorama. There is an open pavilion for taking some rest after being in the hot air. Sometimes, you might see someone is flying in a glider and landing down at Nai Han Beach. Perhaps, you will take some really good shots from this high position. Rather than being a great viewpoint, indeed, the windmills generate electricity power. Next to the viewpoint, Phromthep Cape − a must-visit location of Phuket to see the best command of sunrise or sunset combining with wide sight of the Andaman Sea is situated, including Kanchanaphisek Lighthouse where is built to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the reign of King Rama IX, you can climb up to its highest point to see more superb views. However, Nai Han is not a main shopping destination; some shops offering Asian collection, artefact, batik painting, and beachwear can be found. Explore more yourself for what Nai Han cater for you by meandering along the way in Nai Han.

Eventually, you will gain a great experience to remember forever at Nai Han where comprising an incomparable beauty of the beach and its nearby attractions. If you consider about Phuket taxi or any Phuket airport transfer service, immediately let us know – we will be very happy to assist you according to your requirement. As many types of vehicles are provided, prices may vary, but you will get an affordable price for sure.

Phuket Airport Transfer To Fare Booking
Standard Car (1-2 Pax) Deluxe Car (1-3 Pax) Family Car (3-4 Pax) Standard Van (4-6 Pax) Family Van (7-10 Pax)
Nai Han THB 850.- THB 1050.- THB 1050.- THB 1150.- THB 1250.- Book

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