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Khao Lak

Khao Lak

No matter what places around the world you are trying to discover for your holiday, it is believed that Thailand is one of choices you surely think of. Most of visitors desire tropically secluded getaway. When awesome southern Thailand is mentioned, impressive frames of intriguing views packed with good memories are always brought up. Especially on western coast of it, multitude of mind-blowing natural backdrops is inviting you to visit. A location like Khao Lak is so prominent nowadays. Situated in Phang Nga province, Khao Lak can cause you to feel great admiration on its tourist attractions across the area, conveniently reach by KL Transport & Travel service.

Just north of Phuket by taking KL Transport & Travel, Khao Lak Beach is easily accessed; a popular place for tourists who really love to stay in the remote area – far from busy city. It reflects a picture of quiet atmosphere and clean long beach suitable for real getaway, hard to erase from your mind. Other charming beaches nearby is also recommended: Bangsak Beach, the beach with powdered-like sand and pristine ambience is welcoming you to stay longer; Khuek Khak Beach, offering slight sea breeze and shady trees on shoreline with a serene space for relaxation; Bangniang Beach, taking a stroll on the beach may be one of good ideas to gain more restful experience surrounded by calm and beautiful beach; Nangthong Beach, with some crowds around but its beach beauty can grab tourists attention; and Pakweep Beach, pleasant beach with more accommodations and people. Additionally, Pakarang Cape may be a good choice for people really like peaceful setting supplemented with great views around the area. To take some relaxing moments at Khao Lak-Lamru National Park can be another great selection for your holiday. This place is rich in tropical environment including verdant forests, waterfalls, mountainous space, and refreshing beaches. Right here, it also boasts natural trail completed with shaded trees along the way to learn more about tropical plants and animals. In evening, sunset viewpoint is the best place to go while staying in the national park. Not far away from Khao Lak, you might visit many tourist attractions all the way such as Phungchang Cave with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites, Tapan Cave with house of priest located and splendid stalagmites and stalactites inside the cave, Suwankhuha Cave Temple where is a very popular destination when visiting Phang Nga with a big reclining Buddha image housed in the cave, hot springs in Kapong sub-district, and Raman Waterfall with alluring waterfall view and refreshing plants in its venue.

To complete your holiday away from home with a wide range of accommodations in Khao Lak is not difficult to do. Also, it is a great opportunity to experience many interesting places that you can leave the place with only good memories while travelling in Khao Lak. Just take a safe drive with experienced driver to these fabulous destinations in Khao Lak, what you see and experience will be always sealed in your mind, being an unforgettable journey far away from home. Any further details about Phuket taxi service, just let us know through any channels provided.

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