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In the south of wonderful Thailand, for decades, there are lots of destinations with a great mix of natural beauty desired by tourists from every corner of the world. Not only Phuket, but also Krabi is one of attractions that most of tourists put it into their itinerary or travelling plan. After visiting prominent Phuket, you may get a service of Phuket transfer to Krabi. With easy-going atmosphere and majestic views of tropical nature, Krabi always gains much more interests from expatriates. If you still imagine a place where a memorable holiday is fulfilled, Krabi is highly suggested.

Marine lovers will surely enjoy so much fun in Krabi because this province boasts a wide array of activities to do with your company and quintessential scenery of islands and beaches; natural charms can be discovered here. Firstly enliven yourself in a relaxing place at Noppharatthara Beach, a part of national park where you can stay overnight and have fun activities together. Another interesting beach is called Ao Nang Beach where tranquillity is easily possessed and it is as transportation spot to travel offshore for nearby islands. Next recommended place all visitors always add it to their schedule is Phi Phi Islands, with scenic backdrops of splendid beaches and great underwater world for divers. For rock climbers, Rai Le Beach is the best place to access for challenging rock climbing activity; its landscape with limestone karsts towering around the area along with spectacular vistas of seashore contours. Explore more for a hard-to-see highlight because of natural phenomenon called Thale Waek or Separated Sea; you can see the white sand dunes connecting two islands when the tide is low, reflecting another best view of marine shots. Another popular destination is Pranang Cave Beach where can be accessed by boat; filled with powdery sand beach and clear water, ideal for sunbathing, swimming, relaxing on the beach, and rock climbing.

When you are in search of places to go with different experience rather than the sea, Krabi also has other nice places with a variety of topography to visit. Let’s discover more for a symbol of this province called Khao Khanap Nam, which consists of two mountains sitting against each other on both banks of Krabi River, there are caves with amazing stalactites and stalagmites worth seeing. Refresh yourself more at Paphru Thapom Khlongsongnam where the stream of freshwater and seawater meets; you will see very clear light blue water along with quiet ambience in its area. This is as a great ecological center for visitors to study about plants and animals in tropical forest. As Krabi boasts an abundance of natural resources, there are national parks located in the province to preserve a valuable nature: Than Bok Khorani National Park with trekking routes, waterfall, mangrove forest, and beautiful cave; and Khao Phanom Bencha National Park with angelic waterfall, stunning cave, and evergreen forest. Other destinations recommended are Emerald Pond, Hot Springs, and Tham Suea Temple. Memorable experience can be obtained here.

Apart from travelling on cruise for island hopping activity, across the mainland, car service can be found anywhere around tourist destinations and it seems to be the best choice to reach many stunningly beautiful venues spotted in each area. From Phuket to wherever you want, Phuket taxi and KL Transport & Travel are always available, just contact us immediately.

Phuket Airport Transfer To Fare Booking
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