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To reach Karon, it takes time approximately 1 hour from the airport with an excellent KL Transport & Travel. This place is also adjacent to Kata. With a 3-kilometre beachfront, Karon is one of popular beaches in Phuket that tourists can fully bask in a beautiful beach and peaceful atmosphere. When talking about facilities and services offered around this area, it seems to be completed in every way tourists can consider – at least where to go, to eat, and to see.

In a few minutes, you can go to Kata Beach to experience more calm and pristine beach. By KL Transport & Travel, you may visit other interesting beaches around the area such as Freedom Beach and Nui Beach. Not far away, Karon Viewpoint is located, to admire three prominent beaches – Karon Beach, Kata Beach, and Kata Noi Beach. As Thai religious construction is very unique, just head to Suwankirikhet Temple to see beautiful architecture with full of Thai arts and designs. Another relaxing place is called Karon Park, built for the locals and tourists to have some exercises and leisurely stroll around for relaxation in tranquil setting. A unique attraction all people must see is Karon Circle featuring statues in main careers of Phuket in the past – fishing, tin mining, farming, and rubber tapping. Then, you might see an outstanding structure like a big cave with bar at entrance; it is Dino Park, a mini-golf course and restaurant in a setting of prehistoric age that dinosaurs and jungle are all around its place. This is ideal for families and all who have passion for fun surrounded by prehistoric creatures and exciting ambience. In Karon, activities are seemingly endless while spending your holiday here. For beach activities, you can go snorkelling, diving, boat cruising to other islands, and sunbathing. Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen well while you are exposed to hot sun at Phuket. Once you are extremely passionate about Thai food, it will be great to try for Thai cooking lesson; find a class and do it by yourself. To eliminate your stress and fatigued muscle after long day fun, spa and massage are provided with a variety of treatments you choose for your preference. In the area, a great selection of food is served. With affordable prices, you can easily access to steak house, seafood restaurant, fine dining restaurant, and mouthwatering Thai cuisine restaurant. A favourite food can be found out at any time. Want sort of nice nightlife? Nightclubs and bars are also situated in a great number, but it may be less barnstorming than in Patong area. Shopping spots like Karon Bazaar, Karon Plaza, roadside shops, art galleries, and boutiques are dotted around. Also, accommodation is so various ranging from budget hotel to luxury hotel.

Karon is one of the most rewarding places for holidaymakers, providing absolutely enthralling sight of marine resources and tropical nature. However, to go anywhere can be done with many kinds of vehicles. You may rent a motorcycle, grab a map, and go to somewhere you want. Phuket taxi with experienced driver, who is familiar with places in Phuket, is another choice that may provide you with more safety on driving and save time on finding any specific location. Need a transportation service, simply call us or contact us through channels provided.

Phuket Airport Transfer To Fare Booking
Standard Car (1-2 Pax) Deluxe Car (1-3 Pax) Family Car (3-4 Pax) Standard Van (4-6 Pax) Family Van (7-10 Pax)
Karon THB 750.- THB 850.- THB 850.- THB 1100.- THB 1250.- Book

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