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After a long flight, you may take a comfortable service like KL Transport & Travel to reach somewhere popular in Phuket. of course, transfers from Phuket Airport to Patong is the most popular routes as it is one of the most beautiful beach in phuket. On the west strand of lively Phuket Island, Patong possessed a lot of attractions around its area both in man-made and nature-made venues, especially gripping scenery of long curve with fine and white sandy beach that continuously impress people in a large number. Whilst there is a dramatic change to grasp every opportunity aiming to strengthen economics specially to create more vital tourism industry and keep surroundings in good condition, Patong has more than enough to make visitors satisfied in any way. It is better to rent Phuket taxi with local driver and simply go around area of Patong and feast your eyes on gorgeous commands of an aquatic atmosphere, refreshing greenery hills and forest backdrop by a car ride as you like. Through the road, it appears that Patong is full of all-inclusive services that you may anticipate at any time, a hub providing something visitors may want – a bunch of great activities, restaurants located widely offering customers a collection of cuisine and nicely decorative interior designs, art galleries, shopping venues, places to stay, tour counters, and convenient stores.

A simple way to relax is to lie on the beach or a sun lounger and then soak up the sun in a leisure posture and take a stunning beachside view. Throughout the day, gallivant around or beyond Patong by taking a tour program. As it is such a hustle and bustle spot, this sort of rousing active ambience easily makes you wallow in some activities. More pulsating offshore activities are offered in its area such as banana boat ride, water skiing, windsurfing, and jet skiing. In the clear blue skies of Patong, you can be ablaze with excitement by parasailing to see fascinating sight while sailing through the air. When it is time to treat your body from head to toe after a long day enjoying a lot of activities, spa and massage can be found quickly. During the night in bars and nightclubs, it is a great way to socialise and go into ecstasies over unlimited music streaming and its groove. Alternatively, boxing stadiums showing Thai art of defense and captivating cabaret shows by Simon Cabaret are highly advisable here. Please check out schedule time of them before enjoying. Looking for a good eatery? This area makes things easy for you by offering a variety of uniquely Thai food or even international cuisine according to your liking with a place to eat on the hill, at beachside, with romantic setting, or in a peaceful ambience. When finding some unique gifts or memorable souvenirs in any types: textile, art and craft, beachwear, jewellery, or interior décor accessory, shopping centers and night markets with both economical and costly prices are easy to reach by walking or specific transfer service. Just choose what product that can satisfy you.

No matter how long the time has passed, Patong seems to be more developed in rapid way and still is a tourist-centric position that has everything ready for visitors throughout the globe at all times and also plays the best role of host welcoming everyone to this mesmeric island. Any KL Transport & Travel needed, directly contact us at the counter or through any channels provided on website.

Phuket Airport Transfer To Fare Booking
Standard Car (1-2 Pax) Deluxe Car (1-3 Pax) Family Car (3-4 Pax) Standard Van (4-6 Pax) Family Van (7-10 Pax)
Patong THB 700.- THB 800.- THB 800.- THB 1000.- THB 1100.- Book

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